WATCH: Nick Jonas At The Beach in “Find You” Video

The “Find You” video is here!

Last week, our favorite Jonas Brother released some new music and we loved it. The track entitled, “Find You” is a stand alone single inspired by a moment at Coachella last year. In several IG and Twitter posts from our darling Nicky, he promised us a video today (Sep. 18). And he delivered!

The video, directed by Emil Nava (“This is What You Came For”, “How Deep Is Your Love”), opens with Nick walking through the desert trying to “find you” (or me). He then stumbles upon a beach setting with tons of dancing ladies and a good ‘ol bonfire.

The video has a “Burning Man” sense to it. Lots of trans-like dancing in close proximity to other people for no apparent reason, random bursts of fire, and sand. The video also has lots of scenes of Nick looking oh so scrumptious in his denim and neutral get ups. We even get a little nip slip action at the 3:03 mark!

Find You

No Millienial video would be complete these days without some solid product placement! “Find You” gives us some nice Jaguar and Lyft facetime. Shoutout to Nick for being responsible and stylish. The track is said to be the second single off an upcoming new album.

You can catch “Find You” above or on Nick’s official Vevo page.

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