STREAM: The Cool Kids New Album “Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe”

The Cool Kids drop Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe 🤘


Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe


The Cool Kids are officially back with Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe! If you remember them back from 2008, you’ll remember their hits like Black Mags or 88, with their mad catchy old-school hip-hop style. After a year or so of being in heavy rotation everywhere I went, like Aang from Avatar, they vanished.

Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe not only has a lengthy title, but it’s also a lengthy project with 16 tracks, featuring artists like Travis Barker, Buddy, Smoke DZA, Ye Ali, Syd, and more.

Through my first listen, it sounds like they’ve still kept their signature sound, which is definitely an encouraging sign for fans from the past. But, of course, music isn’t something that you can truly digest after a first listen, so I’m gonna have to give it a couple of days to really understand.

You should listen, too! Let us know how you feel about it on Twitter, and if you haven’t read about our experience at Day N Night 2017!

Stream the project below:

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