Recapping My Experience At Day N Night 2017 🤘

So, music festivals are kind of my “thing”, and I’ve been going to them since I was 18-years-old. To me, there’s just something so f*cking mind blowing about seeing your favorite artists live, you know? You listen to these artists sing and rap all day in your earbuds, but now they’re right in front of you, performing. To make it even better, you’re seeing your favorite artists with a massive amount of people that love the artists just as much as you do. And when you look around and you see these people, these strangers, you almost get a community-ish feeling, and I’ve learned that when you get that feeling, that’s when you know the festival is A1. That’s what Day N Night 2017 was: A1. 

Day N Night 2017: The Line

Every festival-goer knows the WORST part about getting into a festival is the line. It always sucks. ALWAYS. It takes hours to get in with a vehicle, it takes hours to get in on-foot, it takes hours to get checked by security, all that jazz. But at Day N Night 2017, the line was actually completely fine. On Friday, my group and I got in within 10 minutes at 3 PM, the peak-time. On Saturday, we got in at the same speed at the same time. Sunday was the only day where we had issues with the time, but I mean, it makes sense. It was the most loaded lineup of the 3 days (Kendrick will do that to you). But, it wasn’t that bad, so I’m not really that mad (#barz).

Day N Night 2017: The Venue

Oh, the venue was great. There was so much space, they had water stations, beer stands everywhere, port-o-potties (with hand-washing stations) at every corner, it was very well organized. The parking lot was also massive, obviously, so it was very easy for people to leave. Anyone that went to Day N Night 2016 knows that leaving was a f*cking disaster. There was very little-to-no signal to call a Lyft, so attendees were walking out of the venue. Even when we left, there was no signal and we were in the middle of nowhere, so we were all struggling to get our Lyft.

Day N Night 2017: The Lineup

Day N Night 2017

Ah, the most important part of any festival: the lineup. With so many of my favorite artists slated to perform, I 100% had to come. Travis, Uzi, Khalid, SZA, Carti, Kendrick, Zaywop, Dom Kennedy, just to name a few. Lowkey, though, my heart broke when Cudi was removed from the lineup, but, such is life. The artist apparel was dope, though! I even bought me a Zay hoodie 🤘. But man, that apparel line was insanity. They had 4-5 people handling purchases for 50! C’mon now.

Day N Night 2017: Favorite performances

Ahh, this is rough, but I gotta do it. I won’t rank them in order, but I’ll just list out my favorites.




I’ve been a fan of SZA since she released S in 2013. Yes, I swear! So to see her live was f*cking lit, and she did not disappoint one bit (#barz). She sings just as well live as she does in-studio, and she likes to do ballet kicks, which is pretty cool lol.

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert


So anyone that knows me, knows I rock with Uzi. Uzi’s style of just not giving a f*ck about what anyone says and just doing what he likes is my kind of style. I also love how he’s so willing to push the boundaries of hip-hop, because that’s really what hip-hop is about, isn’t it? Besides making good music, of course.

Anyway, Uzi’s performance was lit, as can be expected. His graphics were pretty dope, and he’s really pushing his demonic narrative. I can’t say I understand it, but hey, maybe I’m not really supposed to. *Yeezy shrug*

Lil Uzi Vert Stage

If you haven’t read our review of Uzi’s Luv Is Rage 2 here! We get down to it in our reviews, so you know right away whether a project is for you or not. None of that trying to maximize the word count shit for search engine purposes 👎.

Isaiah Rashad (AKA Zay)

Isaiah Rashad

I’ve seen Isaiah Rashad about 3 times already and his live performances just seem to be getting better. He’s not the most popular rapper out right now, but what I saw at Day N Night 2017 was that his fans really know his shit. While I was at his performance, it seemed like there wasn’t a person in the area that didn’t know the words to his records. And as someone that’s been a fan of Zay since Welcome To The Game, it’s dope to see his talent recognized.

Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy

I’ve been listening to Dom since 2011, since the days when he was the guy in LA, so it was amazing for me to finally catch him live. But, when I was watching him and listening to him perform all his old hits, it kinda bummed me out a little. It made me wish he was still putting out records at that level again. Yes, yes, I know. Most artists go through this period, but I just have way too many memories of blasting Dom with the windows down; I couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic. But it was amazing to see all his fans remembering his hits, especially when he performed When I Come Around. I knew it was fucking lit when I saw someone crip walking right by me for this one.

Day N Night 2017: The Conclusion

It was fucking lit. Remembering how Day N Night 2016 was and comparing it to the way 2017 was, it’s showing so much promise in the way they improved the venue, extended the days, and how they got such great talent to perform. Day N Night is 100% for The Culture. 

Will you be attending next year?

If not, you should! Day N Night is definitely a festival I can see continuing to improve. And if you want to keep getting new music, check out our free, weekly updated playlist here.

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