Ranking All Of Jay-Z’s 4:44 Music Videos (So Far)

Jay-Z and his recently dropped, certified platinum album, 4:44, has undoubtedly made waves through our speakers. But now, after conquering our speakers, he’s started to conquer our screens with music videos.

Side note: a salute to No I.D. for killing it with the production. This man went off.

So far, he’s dropped videos for:

  • The Story of O.J.
  • BAM
  • Kill Jay Z
  • 4:44
  • Adnis
  • Moonlight

Because I love a good list, I decided to rank them for you. And yes, I know something like this can only be purely subjective and that’s completely okay. If you feel like my opinion is totally wrong, that’s completely okay, too.

#6: 4:44

Deciding to mix a myriad of clips such as a Jean Michael Basquiat interview with the 4:44 record, Jay-Z creates an experience that may be confusing to some. But, I assure you, when you get through it, you’ll finish it feeling profound.


#5: Kill Jay Z

The symbolism in this one, as I interpreted, is Jay running away from his previous self, seeing as this song is about “killing” Jay Z. If you haven’t heard this record, it’s basically about him dropping that side of him and becoming a much more matured version of himself.

#4: BAM ft. Damian Marley

Jay and Damian Marley give us a peek into Jamaican culture, all while taking a documentary-type approach with random clips sprinkled around.

#3: Adnis

Guest starring Mahershala Ali as a boxer imagining his father as his trainer, the Adnis video fit the content of the song perfectly. This video definitely connected to me because I’m such a boxing fanatic, and I’m definitely a fan of Mahershala Ali! If you haven’t, go check him out on House of Cards and Luke Cage.

#2: The Story Of O.J.

Donning a black & white cartoon-style approach, Jay gets about as creative as it can get by perfectly visualizing the lyrics and their meaning in cartoon-form.

#1: Moonlight

Ok, he spoofed Friends. I don’t think it gets any cooler than that. Oh, AND he brought in a great cast? Sheesh.


What do you think? Do you agree with our rankings of Jay-Z and the 4:44 videos?

If you don’t leave us a comment and tell us why! If you do, leave a comment anyway. Oh, and if you wanna learn how to get like Jay-Z in business, read our guide to his business lessons in 4:44!

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