Nick Murphy: New Name, Same Magic

At Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall on October 19, Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, showed that even though he changed his stage name, he still delivers the same magic.


With his impressive stage presence, Nick Murphy showed that he was obviously born to perform. Consistently dancing across the stage to tend to both sides of the room, Nick Murphy and his fancy suit did well at keeping the crowd engaged.


Nick Murphy live
Photo by JazzLens


But most impressive was how great he sounded live, sounding very similarly to how he does in the booth. And that’s really not something all artists are able to do, as there’s usually a bit of a drop-off live.


To open up the show, Nick very simply said “we’re gonna play some music for you”, and then proceeded to kick off with his popular record, Gold. It was nice to see the crowd clapping along, instantly shooting up the energy in the room.


As someone that’s been a Chet Faker fan for a few years now, initially, there was some worry that he wouldn’t perform his previous hits. Especially when he expressed his growth and identification of his changing sound. But, thankfully, he didn’t forget the hits that his fans know and love, especially 1998. His intro for 1998 was nuts, as he used his guitar and beat pad to buildup towards 1998, adding a new spin to the record.


But, that’s not to say that I wasn’t excited for his new self, and it was nice to hear a different sound from him. When he played his new record, I’m Ready, off of the Missing Link EP, the crowd was receptive of this new Nick.


Nick Murphy also put his talents as a musician on display. Showing that he can play multiple instruments live, constantly moving from keyboard to guitar, and vice versa.


Nick Murphy live
Photo by JazzLens


Nick’s production was very simple, only needing flashing lights that flashed to the rhythm of his beats and his band to accompany him onstage. But, it’s not like he needed flashy production like crazy fire or a floating stage a la Kanye West, anyway.


Like most great artists do, Nick Murphy has grown and progressed, and Missing Link is proof of that. When he would shift from old to new records at the show, there was a clear contrast. Almost like I was listening to 2 different people perform in 1 set.


But, while I do love Chet Faker’s music, I bet I will love the rest of Nick Murphy’s music too.