Jay-Z Says No To NFL, SuperBowl 2018

Jay-Z turns down the NFL and SuperBowl LII.

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The NFL and players throughout it have been making headlines all over 2016-2017. Most notably, Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling/sitting during the National Anthem last season to protest police brutality. Since then, everyone and their mama has jumped on the “YAS Kap”/”NO Kap” bandwagon. Countless media outlets, athletes, and musicians have written, spoken, and tweeted their opinions on Kap’s actions. The latest to so? None other than Hov himself.

Jay-Z publicly dedicated a track off his highly acclaimed 4:44 album, “The Story of OJ” to the black-balled NFL QB at the 2017 Meadows Music & Art Festival.

“I want to dedicate this song to Colin Kaepernick tonight… I want to dedicate this song to anybody that was held back and you overcame whatever it was.”

I’m Not Black…I’m OJ…OK?

The title, “The Story of OJ” clearly refers to O.J Simpson, and is also a play on the French novel, The Story of O, written in 1954. The novel had heavy themes of dominance and submission throughout.

Last night, news broke that Jay-Z turned down an offer to be the next NFL SuperBowl half-time performer. The rapper would’ve joined the likes of Lady Gaga, wife Beyoncé (who also made a political stand during her 2013 performance), Michael Jackson, and many others.

While it was never officially confirmed, Hov was rumored to be performing next to the original Boy Band fave, Justin Timberlake.  This wouldn’t be the first time the duo hit the stage together. Remember the Legends of the Summer Tour in 2013? (Still bitter I didn’t make that one, but whatevs). Although, I would’ve loved to see this halftime duo, Jay holding firm to his beliefs and not giving into an organization that has blatantly told their athletes to be subservient and “stay in line” is refreshing and encouraging to see.

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