Goodbye, Chet Faker. Hello, Nick Murphy.

Chet Faker, the only person to successfully remake legendary hip-hop record, No Diggity, has left that version of himself behind. Today, he instead goes by his given name, Nick Murphy.

Nick Murphy dropped Chet Faker because “Chet Faker was me trying to prove something to myself,” says Murphy. “But my tastes are pretty dynamic and I realized I’ve spent time resisting that. Now I want to put everything in. It’s not conceptual anymore. It’s just me, and it made sense to show that in a name. It feels like a rediscovery.”.


Chet Faker


When you listen to Nick Murphy as opposed to his previous alias, there’s a noticeable difference. Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes his growth evident. In his latest 5-track EP, Missing Link, you can hear him “bridge the sonic shift between Chet Faker and Nick Murphy.” Missing Link, which also features producer Kaytranada, is like “a snapshot of that wave in motion. It is the ‘missing link’ between where I was and where I’m going now.”, referring to his newfound ability to just explore his artistry and connect Chet Faker and Nick Murphy.

Luckily, we’re going to be at his show to experience his newfound artistry live on October 19th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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