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Whew. Hold on, just let me catch my breath for a second… Alright, I’m good. Game of Thrones Season 7 has easily been one of, if not the best season in the series. From the battle of Jamie vs. Dany and the dragons to the death of Viscerion, and Greyworm and Missandei doin’ the dirty, there have been countless significant moments in this season. But, like most good things, this season has come to an end.

It’s nothing short of amazing that Game of Thrones has been able to consistently perform at a high-level. What’s even better, is that everything truly has come together, and Game of Thrones has made sure we feel that in the Season 7 finale. Here’s how it all went down.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Recap

Just for a quick refresher, last week we ended off the episode with:

  1. Jon and his Suicide Squad were able to retrieve a wight from the undead army
  2. The priest that revives people died
  3. Dany saved Jon and the squad from the undead army and took them to her base
  4. But during the rescue mission, Viscerion, Dany’s dragon, was killed by the Night King, but…
  5. Viscerion was revived and is now a very bad boy
  6. Jon made sex eyes 👀 at Dany, so they’re lowkey now fam-baes now

Anyway, here’s how the season 7 finale went down.

Dany and Cersei finally meet at King’s Landing

  • Finally! After 7 seasons of build up, Daenarys (👍) and Cersei (booo 👎) meet for the first time to discuss a truce. But, this is just a truce to kill the undead army, then they propose to go back to fighting each other. So to convince Cersei that the undead threat is real, The Hound brings out the wight that Jon Snow/Targaryen captured with the Suicide Squad. The wight comes out and charges Cersei, frightening her a bit, until The Hound pulls the wight back and starts breaking it apart. Then, Jon comes out and explains to Cersei that the undead can only be killed with fire or dragonglass, which he uses to kill the Wight.
  • Euron Greyjoy, the guy that took Yara away in the earlier part of the season, then says he’s frightened by the undead and ditches the Lannisters. Then,
  • Cersei, being the piece of sh*t that she is, says that she will only fight the undead army with Daenarys if Jon Snow/Targaryen bends the knee to her and promises not to fight her after. Of course, Jon is such a good guy, so he says hell nah, my loyalty is to my aunt-bae, Daenarys Targaryen.
  • Cersei then basically says “k, f*ck y’all” and leaves the meeting, in true Cersei fashion.
  • When Cersei leaves, Dany and Tyrion get half-mad at him for being unable to lie to Cersei and say that they would’ve been better of if he did. But, Jon is just such a good guy with morals, that he says he can’t lie like that. That’s just not his style, fam.

Tyrion & Cersei Reunite for the First Time Since Tywin’s Death 

  • After Jon semi-blows the attempt at a truce with Cersei, Tyrion volunteers to go meet and talk some sense into her.
  • So Tyrion goes to Cersei, and on his way is met by his brother, Jamie, where they have a bit of banter and you get this sense of a final goodbye between them. You can really see the characters’ bond and it’s pretty great, honestly.
  • Right when Tyrion walks into Cersei’s room, she starts talking her sh*t, of course. She blames him for everything bad that has happened to the Lannister family since Tyrion killed his dad, Tywin. She also especially blames Tyrion for the death of Tommen and Myrcella, because him killing Tywin basically set off that chain of events.
  • So Tyrion is basically like “f*ck it!” and tells Cersei to have The Mountain kill him, but it was just a bluff. Oh, the balls on this character.
  • Cersei also makes it a point to Tyrion that she is indeed, pregnant.

Was Tyrion Successful in Negotiating with Cersei? 

  • Jon shows his regret in ruining the meeting, but Dany goes to him and tries to make him feel better
  • While she makes him feel better, Dany gives Jon a bit of history lesson about how they made a mistake with the dragons and locking them up. Which leads to Dany telling Jon that she can’t have kids. Of course, Jon being as smooth and persistent as he is, basically tells Dany “nah, I’m sure you can have kids”. Basically, he pulls up from the 3-point line.
  • Then Cersei comes back! Tyrion was successful in convincing her to negotiate with Daenarys.
  • Cersei then reveals she’s down to help Dany and Jon defeat the Night King.

Back to Stark Castle…

  • Sansa received a letter from Jon that he’s bent the knee to Dany, while talking to the slimeball of all slimeballs, LittleFinger (LF). He then goes on and tries to convince Sansa that she should just rule the north because Jon is about to marry Dany. Sansa then exposes Arya that Arya is a faceless man to LF. Then LF convinces Sansa that Arya is going to kill her, so Sansa should kill first.
  • Yo, Sansa is just letting LF turn Sansa and Arya against each other.. this is fooked (Conor McGregor voice).

Theon Embarks on his Road to Redemption

  • Man, I feel bad for Jorah. Not only did Dany throw him in the dark, deep friend zone, but she chooses not to listen to his strategical advice either! Poor Jorah.
  • Theon finally has a 1 on 1 discussion with Jon, and Jon finally lets him have it for betraying Ned. But, in true good guy Jon Snow/Targaryen fashion, he doesn’t even try to make Theon feel bad. Instead, he inspires him to go rescue Yara.
  • So Theon goes to his Greyjoy Islanders and convinces them to go rescue Yara, by beating up their captain. Good job, Theon. Go redeem yourself, buddy.

The Death of…. 

  • After Sansa’s conversation with LF, she has Arya brought to the Great Hall for a sentencing. So Arya walks in with her nonchalant demeanor, as always. Such a boss, right?
  • As Arya walks up to Sansa and Sansa seemingly accuses her of murder and treason, she instead says “Lord Baelish” instead of Arya. When LF hears that, he’s mad confused. But looks like Sansa has been onto him this whole time! LF tries to plead and beg, but Arya already knows what’s up, and slashes his throat! Littlefinger, is now a little dead. *Badoomtch*… no? Fine whatever, moving on.

The Death of an Incestual Relationship 

  • As we make our way back to King’s Landing, Jamie is seen strategizing with a soldier, but Cersei comes out of nowhere and reveals to Jamie that she was lying to Dany! Such a snake, she is. Also, BTW, Euron didn’t ditch Cersei to go back home, he is actually going to Essos to go use Cersei’s money to buy a mercenary group. SMH.
  • But, Jamie, being the good guy he truly is, says that he does not agree with Cersei at all. Now, Cersei is pissed and petty, so she tells The Mountain to kill Jamie. Like yo, that’s your bro-bae. Cmon now.
  • Jamie, of course, is a badass, and says “nah, you wouldn’t.” and just walks away. Fook Cersei. He’s definitely going to kill the Mad Queen, now.

Welcome Back, Samwell. 

  • Samwell Tarly makes his way back to Stark Castle to visit Bran the Night King(?). After he reveals to Sam that he’s now the 3-eyed Raven, he also tells Sam that he knows that Jon is actually not a Snow, but is a Sand. But, Sam is like “nah, fam” and tells him what he read in the Maester’s logs about Rhaegar Targayen and Lyanna Stark actually getting married. So Bran fact checks him and goes back in time to witness the marriage! So he’s like “yo, Jon really is actually a Targaryen and is the rightful heir to the throne!” Bran also reveals that Jon’s real name is “Aegon Targaryen”. Pretty fancy, huh?

Targaryen Babies are Coming

  • This is probably the most important part, well, second most important part. Because Jon SHOOTS HIS SHOT.
  • Jon, on the boat with Dany, knocks on Dany’s door. Dany opens, and without a word from either of them, lets Jon in. Then… wait for it… the scene cuts to… JON AND DANY DOIN’ THE DIRTY. IT’S LIT!!!

Visceron :/ Why… 

  • Then we go to Tormund at the Night’s Watch Wall, and what does he see? Of course, the undead are marching toward the wall.
  • And of course, The Night King is riding Viscerion.
  • And of course, Viscerion is spewing ice-fire at the wall.
  • And now, of course, the wall is now done for.
  • Finally, the undead are now marching past the wall and going to attack the living.
  • Basically, Westeros is FOOKED.

End scene.

Yup, the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale was insane, gang. So much happened, but I love Game of Thrones all the more for it. Best show ever.

What did you think of Game of Thrones Season 7 finale?

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