Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me Album Review

Quick hit: Tell Me You Love Me is R&B inspired and full of powerhouse Demi vocals. This album is for the ladies and the now grown up Disney fans that have trailed her since Camp Rock (raises hand).

Cop, Drop, or Stream:  Stream it on your drive to work.

Our 5 Favorites:

  1. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore | Produced by: Jonas Jeberg & Anton Kuhl
  2. Ruin The Friendship: | Produced by: Ido Zmishlany
  3. Lonely | Produced by: Scott Robinson, Mitch Allan & DJ Mustard
  4. Cry Baby | Produced by: Tayla Parx & Sermstyle
  5. Games | Produced by: Warren “Oak” Felder
Demi Lovato
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Disclaimer: We take 3 days minimum listening to a project to allow it to fully digest. We aim to give you insightful and useful information, so we refrain from rushing.

Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me: The Review

Although Demi Lovato is only twenty-five, Tell Me You Love Me is the singer’s sixth studio album. Tell Me follow’s 2015’s Confident – a vocally heavy pop diva type album. Although just as vocally complex, this time around Demi hits us with some “grown up” R&B vibes. Sometimes sassy, sometimes vulnerable, but always honest, Tell Me You Love Me gives us a complete look at a confident Ms. Lovato. The project was dropped as a standard and deluxe offering. The standard comes in at 12 twelve tracks while the deluxe gives us 15 – including two acoustic type tracks.

The Tracks

Tell Me gives us an honest look at what a mid-twenty something girl deals with within relationships, break ups, and friends you wanna be a little more than friends with.  The albums opener, “Sorry Not Sorry,” also a breakout single, finds confident Demi talking to an ex, “Payback is a bad bitch / And baby, I’m the baddest.” On eye-opening “Ruin The Friendship,” Demi plays with the idea of taking a platonic situation to the next level. “Your body’s looking good tonight / I’m thinking we should cross the line.”

In an interview with Noisey, Demi revealed that “Ruin The Friendship” is indeed about a real person (many thinking it’s longtime friend Nick Jonas) and that this person is well aware of the way she feels. In a separate sit down with MTV she revealed that this song in particular was making her nervous to release.

“Sometimes you put out music that you just feel like everyone is going to know who it’s about…so all the baggage that comes with it is what I’m kind of nervous about.”

The most surprising track off the album comes about halfway. “Lonely” produced by fellow Roc Nation managed DJ, DJ Mustard also includes a feature by Lil’ Wayne. Other features come from English artists Jax Jones and Stefflon Don. Overall, the album feels good. It showcases Demi’s vocals, her unapologetic honesty, and solidifies her place as more than just a Disney star.

The only complaints I have about this are the placement of the last two tracks that sound nearly identical. “Concentrate” and “Hitchhiker” have just about the same tempo and both include the same acoustic sound that sound more like a medley than two separate tracks.

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