Dave East – Paranoia: A True Story Album Review

Quick hit: When listening to Paranoia: A True Story it’s important to remember that this is an EP, not an album. So if you feel a bit underwhelmed while listening to this, just remember that. Donning some trap, radio-type, and somber-ish records, Paranoia: A True Story is pretty versatile, giving us a little something for everyone. Now, did this build hype for the debut album? It did. Especially when I found out that No I.D. is going to be working with him 👀.

Dave East’s debut album is expected to come out sometime in October – December this year.

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Our 5 Favorites:

  1. The Hated (ft. Nas) | Produced by Joe Joe Beats
  2. Have You Ever | Produced by Da Sanchize, Buda & Grandz & Joe Joe Beats
  3. Perfect (ft. Chris Brown) | Produced by The Breed & Amadeus
  4. My Dirty Little Secret | Produced by Da Sanchize & Joe Joe Beats
  5. Wanna Be Me | Produced by Joe Joe Beats

Paranoid: A True Story

Disclaimer: We take 3 days minimum listening to a project to allow it to fully digest. We aim to give you insightful and useful information, so we refrain from rushing.

Dave East – Paranoia: A True Story: The Review

Paranoia: A True Story is Dave East’s major label debut, although just an EP. You may remember all the hype on social media when he officially signed to Def Jam back in September 2016.

I remember when I saw Perfect featuring Chris Brown come out, and I was thought “alright, here we go.”, thinking that this was the start of a true rollout. Then after that record came out, nothing happened. It was a bit confusing to me because I actually originally thought Paranoia: A True Story was going to be his debut album. Once I learned that, everything just made so much more sense.

Donning a total of 13 records that include some trap, radio-type, and somber-ish records, Paranoia: A True Story is pretty versatile, giving us a little something for everyone. Also, it does have 3 skits, which I removed because unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of those.

Because of the project’s title, Paranoia: A True Story, I kind of expected a fully cohesive story (weird, right?), but I actually didn’t get a story-type of vibe. If anything, it felt like the album had themes.

The Highlights

After listening through Paranoia: A True Story, I think Dave East definitely shines in the more somber-sounding records like Found A Way and Have You Ever. He seems to really connect to that rhythm naturally and has the ability to make the listener really tune in and feel empathetic to the record. In his debut, which is expected to drop sometime from Oct – Dec 2017, I would definitely love to hear him with that sound more.

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