Amine: Good For You 101

Quick hit: Amine uses his melodic rapping/singing style to give us a fun, groovy, and enjoyable album. Blast this on the highway with your windows down and enjoy the ride.

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Our 5 favorites: 

  1. Caroline | Produced by: Amine and Pasqué
  2. Veggies ft. Ty Dolla $ign | Produced by: Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II
  3. Slide | Produced by: Pasqué
  4. Yellow ft. Nelly | Produced by: Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes, Murda, & Pharrell Williams
  5. Blinds | Produced by: Guy Lawrence

Disclaimer: We take 3 days minimum listening to a project to allow it to fully digest. We aim to give you insightful and useful information, so we refrain from rushing.

Amine: Good For You 101

Amine, the artist behind the viral hit Caroline, dropped his debut album last week and if we were to describe it in 1 word, it’d be: fun.

Good For You is an album full of witty, groovy, and enjoyable records. Think of driving down the highway with your friends, windows down, sunny day, Good For You on blast. That’s the vibe.


Of course, there is the standout, viral hit Caroline and its contagious rhythm, but there are also songs like Veggies (ft. Ty Dolla $ign), Yellow (ft. Nelly), and Slide, that gives you the same feeling of carefree fun.

But, hidden in the midst of the cheerful music in Good For You, there are some deeper records. In Amine’s song Sunday, he takes a much more mellow, introspective approach, detailing the internal struggles he has with religion, family, and discovery of real love.

Or the song Money, which ironically, is about the negative effects of it. On the record, he acknowledges the importance of money and how it makes the world go round, but also how it can negatively affect people and how it doesn’t wholly contribute to happiness.

Overall, Good For You is a solid debut album by Amine. It’s fun to listen to and definitely something you put on when you want to just groove to the music and enjoy life. Although, in the future, I would love to hear Amine show a bit more versatility because most of the songs carried a similar feel, to my ears.

Our recommendation: Go cop that sh*t.

Stream Good For You here

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